SYSTYR SKIN-NERD is the world’s one and ONLY all female Lynyrd Skynyrd experience.
This group of 7 extremely talented women hailing from Southern CA have meticulously taken their love for the music of the legendary Southern Rock kings from Jacksonville FL, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and put together one of the most unique presentations of the Skynyrd classics that has ever been presented anywhere  

The bands inception came to light in 2010, and first appeared under the moniker of LYNETTE SKYNYRD. After a couple of years of jostling members and working towards creating the ultimate lineup, guitarist Cathy Lauer joined the band in 2012, laying down the hell yeah signature Skynyrd lead guitar sounds that the group was looking for.  In 2013, guitarist, harmonica player Marija Krstic was added to the lineup, along with her natural guitar talents and her angelic background harmonies, further rounding out the vision. In Dec 2013, the band also found their third guitarist in the sweet fills of Deanna Hurst. The Ed King to their mix, but with harmony vocals of a classic Honkette. 2013 to 2017 found the band playing local LA clubs and festivals, including a couple of appearances at the world famous Whiskey a Go Go as they continued their struggle to build the perfect Skynyrd experience. In 2017, the band finally came to fruition, adding the vocalist that put the icing on the cake, in LA singer Coreen Sheehan. Sweet and sassy with an incredible grasp of original Skynyrd vocalist Ronnie Van Zant's soulful vocal and honest southern style, Coreen put the charm and the talent to the star vocal position. Veteran drummer Shannon Millard, and classically trained keyboardist Carolee La Schwa were added to round out the vision that Lynette Skynyrd started 8 long years before.

2018 was the rise to popularity year for the solidly anchored LYNETTE SKYNYRD. It was now time to register and trademark their hard won popularity, but one more roadblock stood in their way, in the form of a letter received from the legal  guardians of Lynyrd Skynyrd themselves, contesting the registration of the name "Skynyrd" in their trademark petition. Cordial discussions began, and the group agreed, with suggestion from Skynyrd lawyers, to drop the name "Skynyrd" from their name, and replace it with an idea that stemmed from previously used spelling that appeared on Lynyrd Skynyrd' s first album...Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nerd)

March 2018, the band, having finally completed the vision, with over 10,000 Facebook followers, and calls coming in from all over the map to verify, with the help of Lynyrd Skynyrd lawyers themselves, took a bold step in re-branding and renaming the band,

and SYSTYR SKIN-NERD was finally settled...finally, onward with the world domination plan!

Today, 7 piece, SYSTYR SKIN-NERD, with layered harmony vocals, blistering multi part harmony guitar solos, and a respectful, and  exciting recreation of the classic Skynyrd sound, continue to bring their bold new all-female inspired love of the music of this historical southern rock band to fans the world over as THE WORLDS' ONLY ALL-FEMALE LYNYRD SKYNYRD EXPERIENCE




In October of 2017, author, crash survivor, best friend, and personal assistant to Ronnie Van Zant himself, Gene Odom invited the band to perform at the Freebird Festival for the 40th Anniversary of the 1977 plane crash. Original Lynyrd Skynyrd Honkette, Leslie Hawkins was backstage, and was so inspired by the band's performance, that she appeared onstage to join the girls on "Sweet Home Alabama". Needless to say, it was a magical moment, and one the ladies would never forget.


TOM CUNNINGHAM  954-559-7650

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