They have a hot new studio album called "ROAD RAGE" about to be released. They have recently won several motion picture festival awards for their outstanding feature documentary film "Now You're HERE, There's No Way BACK." This award winning film has been showing for 2 years on television's SHOWTIME channel. Everyone remotely and intimately familiar with music today knows their many hit songs. Everyone also knows they had the first #1 Album in heavy metal history. So what does QUIET RIOT do to increase their already well established popularity? They arrange for one of the most skilled vocalists in all of music, at once a fresh face and yet an established nationally known name and extremely popular (and good looking) singer, finalist on an enormously successful TV show, American Idol's James Durbin, to join the band. Now the iconic QUIET RIOT lineup of Frankie Banali (drums), Chuck Wright (bass) & Alex Grossi (guitar) is coupled with this truly super special vocalist, James Durbin

NOTE*** Available in conjunction with Ashley Talent.




QUIET RIOT is a rock & roll phenomenon. Famously described as the first heavy metal band to top the pop chart at #1 on Billboard magazine, the Los Angeles quartet became an overnight sensation thanks to their monster 1983 smash album Metal Health.

The album stormed up the U.S. charts, duly reaching the number one spot and going platinum five times over in the process at that time. The sales of Metal Health has now exceeded the 10 million mark worldwide to date.


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