AC/DUCE/C is a fully costumed AC/DC Tribute Band with authentic 70s amps and vintage Guitars  props ,with over 1000 shows  and 15 years experience  The band was commissioned by radio station 97.7 HITZ FM to support AC/DC's 1996 Ball Breaker tour in local sponsoring clubs along the tour, and has been witnessed in person by both Angus Young and Phil Rud, as well as AC/DC longtime sound technician, Mike Scarfe, who were clearly impressed. Im pressed enough to give their personal endorsements!

AC/DUCE/C’s  Bonnie Johnson and Twangus Young  have  toured  extensively in the US and Canada to  Hundreds of sold out shows

 They recreate  the sound , music, grit,  legend of Bon Scott , energy of Angus , music of AC/DC past and present  tributing the biggest selling rock band of all time 


Angus Young “Thumbs Up Mate”

Phil Rudd ” They Rock” (Drummer AC/DC)

Mike Scarfe  AC/DC  FOH tech “You guys are The Real Deal”

TOM CUNNINGHAM  954-559-7650

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