“My name is Pat Travers, and this is my band…” It’s early 2009, and the “Pat Travers Band” has just been recorded live by Rockline Radio.  On playback, Rockline’s Bob Coburn turns to bass player Rodney O’Quinn and comments:
“I think we caught lightning in a bottle tonight.”
To have that happen once in a career is special. To repeat that feat thirty years later may be unique.

But, as Rockline and thousands of fans across parts of North America and Europe already know, this band doesn’t just produce the goods in the studio… This Pat Travers Band is also one seriously tight rockin’ unit, and live they always deliver. There is an energy that is tangible, an enjoyment that is infectious, and, quite frankly, you owe it to yourself to catch this band whenever and wherever you can.
Just don’t forget to bring a bottle...Boom Boom, out go the lights!

From the streets of Toronto, to the streets of London....We're here to kick your ass… The Pat Travers Band.

TOM CUNNINGHAM  954-559-7650

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